What should I expect?

On arrival, you will be asked to present your confirmation email either printed or on a smartphone. You will then be taken through some safety instructions; we will then lock you inside your chosen room, where you will have 1 hour to solve clues and escape the room.

When should I arrive?

We ask all our customers to arrive 10-15 minutes before your designated time.

What happens if I am late?

If you are late we will try our hardest to give you the full hour if not, we may be able to give you part of your hour. If there is another party you are booked in with, unfortunately we cannot do anything and do not offer refunds. Please ensure you are at least 10 minutes early to ensure you get your full hour and are able to partake.

How long does the entire experience take?

We usually say an hour and twenty minutes, if there are unexpected delays it may be slightly longer. But we hope this is not the case. If you have organised an event with us times will be discussed when organising.

How many people can I bring?

Each of our rooms has a set maximum and a minimum number of players. If you would like to book on with a larger group please visit our Large Groups Page for more information. 

Can we hire a room to ourselves even if we don’t have enough people?

Yes, all our rooms are sold as private, only your group will be in there while you play. The rooms do have a maximum number of players, so please do check our Book Now page for more information on the number of participants we allow in the various rooms.

What are the age restrictions?

15+ unless with accompanied with an adult. We would not recommend under 12s, however we will strive to accommodate your groups needs.

Can you accommodate larger groups, such as Hen/Stag Parties or Corporate Team Builiding?

We can accommodate larger groups, please visit our Large Groups Page for more information or Contact Us

Can we record or take photos?

We do not allow recordings within the rooms. However, we do allow photographs to be taken after you have escaped. We will also ask for your consent to take a picture of your team, which will be posted on our social media pages.

Are these games suitable the disabled or those who are pregnant?

Our rooms are not all suitable for wheelchair users so please get in touch before booking with us. We also stress that there can be mental stress and high adrenalin levels, so play at your own risk.

What if I’m scared of the dark or claustrophobic?

Have no fear, you will not be locked in an enclosed space and all our rooms are light enough for you to be able to see! We also have a panic button, or you are able to contact us if you panic and need to get out.

What if someone is misbehaving?

We will not allow it! We are monitoring with CCTV throughout your entire time at Escape Hub, so if we feel someone is misbehaving we will ask them to leave without refund. Therefore we won't allow anyone to ruin your experience.

What should I wear?

There are no clothing requirements but we would suggest that you wear something you are able to move around in.

What should I bring?

You are not required to bring anything other than the confirmation email.

What if the event is cancelled?

If it is cancelled by us:

We will do everything we can to stop this from happening. If for any reason we are forced to cancel we will offer you a full refund or a rebooking.

If you have to cancel:

We do not offer refunds if you cancel or miss your booking. We will try our best to fit you in but this is subject to bookings on the day.

What if I’ve lost the confirmation email?

We ask that you contact us so that we can resend it. If not when you arrive please just give the reception your name and we should be able to confirm your booking for you.

What if I don’t escape?

Don't fear, we let you out. Once your hour is up a Game Master will unlock your room and will allow you to ask some questions, if you're still curious!

What if I escape early?

It’s unlikely that you will escape before 40 minutes of the time as our rooms are designed to last most of the hour. If you do escape early though, you will be placed onto our Hub Club leader board

Can I bring food and drink?

Unfortunately no, we do not allow food or drink on our premises at this time.


Are there toilets?

We do not have toilets on site, however there are some inside the Royal Star Arcade!

Is there parking?

There are multiple car parks near us, the nearest is Fremlin Walk car park, being only a 2-minute walk away but we cannot offer onsite parking. Click Here for more information on parking.