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Aged 18+ Events

Team Building, Birthdays, Hen/Stag and Social Events

We offer both a selection of pre-set bundles for both small and large groups or custom bundles for larger groups. Each of these bundles come with great free extras. If you wish to discuss with us further about organising an event, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

For 'Team Building' and 'Corporate' events, please Contact Us if you need to book a week day appointment.

All our free extras for the 18+ events are served in the bar 4Degrees terms and conditions apply*; a great local ‘Craft Bar’ with a stylish, modern and friendly atmosphere.


2 Teams + 1 Room + Free bottle of wine/prosecco = £130

2 Teams + 2 Rooms + 2 Free bottle of wine/prosecco = £260

3 Teams + 2 Rooms + 3 Free bottle of wine/prosecco = £390


Under 18s Events

Birthdays, social and school outing events

We are happy to accommodate large or smaller groups. To make things easier, we have a selection of pre-set bundles with great free extras below. Each of these extras are served at ‘Scoopid Ice Cream & Dessert Parlour’.

School Outings

School outings can be both great fun and educational. Escape Hub offers students the opportunity to work as a team, to build on those key employable skills and to gain a better understanding of how a team works and what techniques are used in this.


2 Teams + 1 Room + 20% off at ‘Scoopid’ = £130

2 Teams + 2 Rooms + 25% off at ‘Scoopid’ = £260

3 Teams + 2 Rooms + 30% off at ‘Scoopid’ = £390