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Agents Undetected

Channel your inner agent in this 'Secret Agent' Escape Room. You have received your brief from your superiors, break into the office of the known Mole and find out the names of compromised agents. Decode clues, solve puzzles and crack codes in, 'Agents Undetected'.



The Laughing Lair

In this eerie escape room discover the story of The Prince of Crime himself, after being kidnapped and locked away in ‘The Laughing Lair’. You have been given the chance to escape. Unwrap the reasons for your abduction and escape before he changes his mind. Solves riddles, clues, puzzles and more!



You vote!

We thought it would be fun if you got your say on our 3rd and final room! We have 4 themes to choose from, pick between: Pirates, Wizards, World War 2 or A Nutty Professor. Cast your vote here or on facebook. Or if you are really excited, do both.



Our 3rd Escape Room Theme
World War 2
Nutty Professor